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Awards Ceremony to Take Place at the free BE Happy, BE Plastic Free Gala on Friday 26 July, 2019 between 6-8pm – all welcome. Judging will be by the Plastic Free Southeast Asia team.

The BE Happy, BE Plastic Free Gala celebrates the end of Plastic Free July, the opening of BE Happy Sem Reap, and celebrates the good work of all who participated in Plastic Free July. Please join us for this free, fun and casual ‘gala’ event to close another great #plasticfreejuly.

Winners will participate in an awards ceremony and receive a gift pack of reusable friends, a certificate of achievement, and social media coverage in a blogpost with links on the Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel and BE Happy websites, shared to social media.

Friday 26 July, 2019 from 6pm-8pm

Green Tie Event & Awards Ceremony

Free event – ALL WELCOME

Location: Event is at BE Happy Siem Reap, which is Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel’s new budget-friendly and happiness-focused guesthouse. BE Happy offers expanded vegan options, long-stay rates and all the same great facilities Baby Elephant has become beloved for.
About dress code: Wear something second-hand, upcycled, recycled or pre-loved as part of your outfit. Prizes for best dressed.

Are you a plastic free leader in the siem reap community? Enter the awards now:


  • Award for hotel
  • Award for small business
  • Award for individual
  • Award for NGO or school

Follow link to enter below.

Interested in the best dressed awards? Here’s your criteria. Wear whatever you like as long as it contains something:

  • Upcycled
  • Vintage
  • Second-hand or
  • Recycled

Our theme for the Gala is recyclable items that are plastic free. Feel free to do an entire outfit or even a single, classic piece made by your own hand (e.g. tie/fascinator/wastecoat/shirt/pants/dress/skirt/jacket/brooch). Let your imagination run wild. There will be prizes for best dressed and most creative. Can’t wait to see you there!

Enter on the night. Simply turn up in your creative outfit!

The Challenge

Around 8 million tonnes of plastic rubbish is going into our ocean each year, polluting the very thing that gives us life.
Our consumption has gone beyond convenience and we’re running out of resources to make more plastic, and places to put the rubbish when we’re done. The global plastic issue is at crisis point.

The Solution

Attempt to use no plastic packaging for one month. Focus on the TOP 5 Plastic Enemies: avoid plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic bags, styrofoam takeaway boxes and takeaway coffee cups.

It takes time to change a habit, but each time you don’t use plastic you’re making a positive difference!


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